Get Your PMU Business On The 1st Page Of Google. We've Been Working In The PMU Industry Since 2016. And Our Co-Founder, Ayo Ijidakinro, Has Been Doing SEO Since 1997. Our SEO Comes With A 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If, For Any Reason, You're Not 100% Satisfied After 30 Days, Simply Cancel And You'll Get A Full Refund.

We Help You Get On The 1st Page Of Google For Microblading, PMU, Fibroblast, and Searches for Related Beauty Services In Your City

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We help microblading and PMU artists like you get more clients & make more money in the Microblading & PMU industry. Read more about us below.

Our Team

Prisma Garcia, Sales

Ayo Ijidakinro, Account Executive & Co-Owner (Your main point of contact.)

Eric Palacios, Investor & Co-Owner

Jeanett Sanchez, Artist

Andrea Balcazar, Graphics Designer

Here's Why We're Qualified To Help You Get Your Microblading / PMU Website On The 1st Page Of Google

We are the ONLY SEO company focusing on microblading & PMU artists and trainers

That means:

  1. Unlike most SEO companies, we have 3 years of Microblading & PMU industry experience. Our experience helps us to know WHAT TOPICS are going to help you rank the fastest for keywords like "microblading", "lip tattoo", "scar camouflage" and other PMU related services.
  2. The articles we write for your website are more accurate because we have technical knowledge of this industry. For example, we wrote for a permanent makeup artist in Canada. - Our accurate articles get you to the 1st page of Google faster because accurate articles are more likely to get links from other websites.
  3. We can write detailed and accurate articles that boost your Google rank because our articles are also based on references from the Society Of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. For example, we get much of our technical information from the book: Permanent Cosmetics - The Foundation Of Fundamental Applications .
  4. We've helped over two dozen microblading & PMU artists grow their business. So we know what type of SEO articles are going to get you to the 1st page of Google and help you get more sales.
  5. We deeply understand this industry. For example, we've run PMU trainings with Master Artists such as: Nhung Phan, Kristina Melnicenco, Aleksandra Wasik, Plasmastethics, Matt Iulo, Slywia Nawrot & Sylwia Dobrowolska (AmazInk Areola), Ksenija Karabegovic, Elena Copaceanu, Yulia Demidova, Lorena Oberg, and others. We use our knowledge to boost your SEO because we can cover PMU topics that other SEO companies have no idea about.

We use our experience in the PMU industry to make the right changes to improve your website to rank higher on Google and other search engines for microblading and PMU searches.

Schedule Your Free Phone Call Now Because This Service Is Only Available To Only ONE PMU Artist Per City Once Another Artist Signs Up In Your City It Is TOO LATE For You To Sign Up

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Once another artist signs up in your area you will NOT be able to hire us to help you get to the 1st page of Google.

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Prior to focusing on the PMU industry, our co-founder Ayo Ijidakinro has been doing SEO since 1997

Ayo is a graduate of MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). MIT is consistently ranked as one of the top 3 universities in the country and in 2019 it is ranked the #4 university in the world . He holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

Because he has a 4-year computer science degree from one of the world's top universities, Ayo understands how Google's PageRank algorithm works at a mathematical level and he keeps up-to-date with the latest changes to Google's algorithm as published on Google's Webmasters Central Blog .

We use our experience, and knowledge of how Google works, to help your Microblading / PMU website rank on the 1st Page of Google faster.

We got Microblading & PMU artist iShapeBrows on the 1st Page of Google , in Las Vegas, for the search term "microblading las vegas"

Below is a picture showing iShapeBrows on the 1st Page of Google for the search term, "microblading las vegas" (NOTE: that because of our knowledge of SEO, iShapeBrows ranks higher even than other famous microblading artists based in Las Vegas. We can do the same for you in "your city" )

Image from Google of searching
Above: Image from Google of searching "microblading las vegas" notice that iShapeBrows comes up 3 times on the 1st Page. That helps iShapeBrows make more money. We manage the website and we manage the advertising.

Prior to focusing on the permanent makeup industry, our co-founder, Ayo Ijidakinro ran an automated SEO company called Ranking Ladder

Ranking Ladder was a tool that helps business owners to rank higher on Google using software automation.

While running, Aevina, the parent company of Ranking Ladder, Ayo did SEO for various client companies. For example, Ayo and his team were able to use their SEO techniques to get the Audio-Visual company LVAVS to the 1st Page of Google for searches using their most-profitable target keywords.

We understand how search engines work because we've built a search engine

From 2002 - 2003 our co-founder, Ayo Ijidakinro, was the Chief Technology Officer of a Boston based start-up that sold search engine software to large law firms in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Ayo led a team of computer scientists from Harvard & MIT to design and build a search engine, called DocuSeek.

In a test by McKinsey Consulting, his team's search engine beat a search engine solution designed by IBM and another technology company named Tacit.

We use our knowledge of how search engines work to make improvements to your microblading website and PMU website that will help you get to the 1st Page of Google when clients look for your services.

When you hire us you get exclusive access in your city

We only do the SEO for one artist / trainer per city . That way you get our expertise all for yourself and don't have to worry about us working for your competition. So don't wait because if another artist in your city signs up with us then it will be too late because we won't take on a second artist in the same city. (Unfortunately, this happened to microblading artists who wanted to sign up with us in Portland, Oregon and Melbourne, Australia. They waited too long and we already had clients in those cities.)

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Below Are 9 Interesting Facts About PMU Advertising

  • We have been helping Microblading & Permanent Makeup artists get more clients and grow their income for 2 years.
  • In just the first 5 months of 2018 our advertising generated over $154,000 in extra income for our customers and partners.
  • We are based in Las Vegas, Nevada, but none of us gamble. :)
  • We are Certified by Google as a Google Ads Certified Partner. To our knowledge we are the first company focusing on Microblading & PMU advertising to be certified by Google.
  • Our advertising services are being used by Microblading artists in the United States, Canada, and Australia.
  • Each member of our team has experience and knowledge about the Permanent Makeup industry.